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Yorkshire Music Forum Stage at Long Division 2018
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Bessacarr Open Gardens
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The Ukrainians
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Ray Hearne
Roots Music Club, Ukrainian Centre, Beckett Rd, Doncaster DN2 4AD more
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The Roger Davies Band
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21 Oct 2010: Who's stolen The Home Run bear?

If you’ve been listening to the Home Run drivetime show over the past week you will have no doubt heard that the show’s beloved mascot – The Home Run Bear has been kidnapped!

So who do you think is the fiend (or fiends) that may have perpetrated such a cruel act? Below we have compiled a list of the top suspects and the odds behind how likely each person is to have done the deed!

Station assistant and presenter of The Orange Flavoured Pipe Machine
Presents the last show on the day the bear went missing. Had countless opportunity to swipe the bear as is in building most of the day. Jon has been very silent over the bear-knapping. Is he being deceptively quiet? Could he be the culprit?

Part of the marketing and advertising team. Former presenter of the Home Run.
The Home Run Bear has been making countless posts on Facebook. Rob is known for his social networking prowess, is he behind the cryptic posts? Is he harbouring resentment against the hosts of the show he used to present – taking the bear as his ultimate revenge? He wasn’t in the building the day of the abduction. So did he hire a professional to do the deed for him?

Part of the marketing and advertising team. Presenter of Delta November.
Christian presented the show immediately after The Home Run on the day the bear went missing. He was in the vicinity at the exact moment the bear disappeared. He is a known prankster, so is the Scot the man behind the plot?

Co-host of the Home Run show.
Could the whole bear snatching be an elaborate ruse devised by the Home Run presenter himself? Is Mark keeping the bear prisoner in a twisted plot to increase ratings?

Hosts of the Bigger All Important Breakfast Show.
The breakfast show lost the esteemed Presenter’s Choice Award to the Home Run show at the last presenters meeting. Could their resentment of culminated in the abduction of the Home Run’s beloved mascot?

Station Manager
The Sine FM manager doesn’t have a clear motive behind why she would steal the Home Run bear. However Chrissy was around most of the day of the bear’s capture. Could she have stolen the bear to show the Home Run team who’s boss?

Presenters of the Dave Brock Buttered My Cat show
Dean and Mark presented the show immediately before the Home Run on the day of the bear's abduction. Did they steal the Home Run bear? But what could be their motive?

Receptionist and Sine FM’s overall administrator.
Known as the guardian of reception and see’er of all things. Helen was with the bear just prior to it’s capture. So could the lovely Helen be behind the bear’s current predicament?

Sine team administrator and evening and weekend guardian
Steve was in the building at the time several telling comments were posted on The Home Run Bear’s Facebook page yesterday. He too was present at the time of the bear-knapping. Steve had countless opportunities to steal the bear. So was it him?

Presenter of BBC’s Top Gear and famous Doncastrian.
It is a long shot. But the opinionated broadcaster is the son of Shirley & Eddie Clarkson who created the first Paddington Bear. Could Clarkson be jealous of the Home Run Bear for stealing limelight away from his parent’s creation? Clarkson is also a known prankster – as seen in his exploit’s on the BBC’s Top Gear programme. So maybe it isn’t too farfetched to believe Clarkson took the bear!

If you think you know who may have stolen the Home Run Bear why not text us on 82070 starting your message with the word SINE, e-mail us at homerun@sinefm.com or join in the debate on Facebook here:

The Home Run’s Facebook Page

The Home Run Bear’s Facebook Page

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