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20 Mar 2010: Morning Mix Schedule w/c 22nd March

Sine FM's new 'Morning Mix' slot begins next Monday 22nd March with contributions from local up and coming DJs along with more established names from around the world.
Look out for exclusive mixes running throughout the week from 6 - 7am and repeated again throughout the weekend after midnight. Mixes can also be listened to via podcasts on the 'Morning Mix' show page. Enjoy!

Our station is committed to playing music which doesn't usually get the recognition it deserves, whether it's local, national or international. We are currently looking for DJs and music lovers to record mixes for this new slot. DJs are not required to talk and we hope to cover a range of music styles (House, Soul, Funk, Jazz, Hip Hop, Drum n Bass, Dub Step, etc). The slot will be a good opportunity for DJs to showcase their talents to a wider audience (we have listeners worldwide) and DJs who submit a regular mix will have a dedicated space on our website with a photo, biography and links to their own website/email.

If you wish to contribute please send your details to aaronjack@higherrhythm.co.uk or jonkelly@higherrhythm.co.uk

The Morning Mix schedule for week commencing March 22nd is as follows:

Heli Zaratei
Funk / Soul / Jazz / Disco / Hip Hop / House

Heli is a Brazilian born, New York bred DJ. He moved to New York just 11 months after his birth and moved to Doncaster the day before the September 11th attacks. His Father played Organ and his Mother sang in a church choir while he was growing up but Heli had his sights set on pro baseball.

After failing to gain a scholarship to play baseball he was offered a job cleaning a record store in Jamaica, Queens. It was here he started ‘borrowing’ records and building his own collection. He started making compilation tapes and these soon became very popular with the customers of the store. With the money he made he bought turntables, a mixer and a Roger Linn drum machine. A few months later he was DJing around the 5 boroughs which led to him DJing in Tokyo, Rio, Moscow and Manchester.

He moved to Doncaster to learn to fly small aircraft after deciding his next challenge in life would be to become a Crop duster pilot. Currently Heli doesn’t plan on leaving Doncaster.

Paul Prendergast
Soul / Film

I'm 37 yrs old and have been DJing since I was 16, when I used to sneak into pubs to help an older friend find all his records on the night. I joined the RAF at 18 and it wasn’t long before I had blagged my way onto the entertainments team and into the DJ slot at the NAAFI of whichever RAF base I was on

I moved to Germany in 91,just as it was all kicking off in England with Madchester and the rave scene, though I had little to worry about because the whole scene I was missing was replaced by German Techno, Dutch trance and ambient. I decided that the old school trance sound was for me and many weekends were spent in Amsterdam or Rotterdam buying hard house 12’s and ‘Rising High’ compilations.

When i left the RAF in 1997, Ian and Owen from Rhythm Nation asked me if I would DJ in the old ‘AD43’. From then on I had a good few years DJing all over town at places like The Dome, Warehouse, Camelot’s and Toast, all the while keeping my Disco Dave act on in Conisbrough. That all stopped in 2001 when I decided for no apparent reason that I wanted to climb pylons!

House / Deep House

Founder and ongoing developer of the world renown Dogglounge Radio, which plays a 24 hour continuous stream of eclectic deep house music with weekly live Dj’s from all over the globe.

Odogg as a DJ brings you a carefully selected mix of diverse and rare house sounds that make his mixes unique and aesthetic. His mixes can be played over and over and they never get old. Odogg is on a never ending quest for the best quality tracks and mixing them for you in an easy listening fashion which makes every mix worth the listen.

Paul Hunter
House / Progressive / Techno

It all started for me way back when putting two hi fi systems together was a way of mixing records! Hip Hop had taken over the charts and big tongued sneakers were an essential part of your wardrobe. As music progressed and styles merged together thus Hip House was born!

My other "altern8" choice would of course be Old-Skool Jungle or Hardcore which was an early ancestor to today’s Drum & bass, many ‘Warehouse’ raves later I found myself buying tons of records from the local record shops to mix with in my bedroom. This then became a weekly event and requests from friends for mix tapes started pouring in! Although i loved to play other peoples records my real passion was for producing them.

This was kicked off when i purchased "Propellerheads Reason" and later moved onto "Ableton Live" which i still use to date. After a few years of endless productions and getting nowhere fast I slowly started making progress. My styles of music tend to shift with the times and if it has a good groove it will make you move, so lookout for lots more to come in the future!


The Black Budgie
Wing Flap / Sonic Nonsense

Mini-winged avenger adds mystery and trill to the sonic mix!

Dedicating his life to fighting crime and injustice towards caged birds and feathery friends around the globe, in 2003 BB successfully infiltrated the Razor Beak Circle, a highly secret organization dealing in illegal parrot wrestling.
The Black Budgie was able to defeat the Circle with the aid of his specially formulated bird seed, coincidentally bringing the leaders to justice during ‘International Smile at a Bird Day’.

Bringing you soundscapes of music and recovered sounds that reflect his experiences and adventures, the Black Budgie’s series of exclusive mixes will hopefully provoke the sympathetic bird lover to engage with his illustrious campaign.

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