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13 May 2009: Bastketball Ace Fabulous Flournoy on Sine FM

Summat’s Changing are a Doncaster based voluntary group making a difference to people’s lives by delivering a motivational and inspiring life-coaching programme.

To celebrate the success of participants on the current programme the group were presented with a fantastic opportunity to meet and listen to the inspirational Fab Flournoy, the most successful coach in British Basketball and current player/manager of the Newcastle Eagles.

Fab was born in the Bronx, New York and despite the prevalence of gangs, drugs and street crime, channelled his energy into basketball to create a better life for himself.

He skilfully uses his ‘never say die’ attitude to basketball to show how others can be just as determined at succeeding in whatever they choose to do, very much how Summat’s Changing’s life-coaching programme works with local Doncaster people.

Sine FM caught up with Fab after the event to quiz him about his motivational techniques and passion to succeed.

Hear the full interview here:



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