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04 Mar 2009: Sine Top 7 Voting

Last week Lilly Allen claimed her first ever number one on The Top 7 at Sine.
However new entries see Gary Go, Prodigy and Taylor Swift enter, along with U2 for their first ever entry.

Lilly Allen - The Fear [Last 2 Weeks]
Lady Gaga - Poker Face [Last Week]
Leona Lewis - Run [Last 4 Weeks]
Gary Go - Wonderful [NEW]
Prodigy - Omen [NEW]
Taylor Swift - Love Story [NEW]
U2 - Get On Your Boots [NEW]

Vote for your favourite three tracks by clicking on the link below or e-mailing Sine@TheTop7.Net with the subject Vote (05/02/2009).

Vote now - http://thetop7.net/pages/shows/sine/vote.html

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