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Grateful Dead Hour

   Schedule:  Saturdays, 08.00 - 09.00 (monthly)
   Host:         John Giddins

  The Grateful Dead remain one of America's most intriguing
  and celebrated bands.  John Giddins has been a fan since
  he witnessed their engaging performance at the mud strewn
  Bickershaw Festival in 1972. This one hour monthly show will
document the vast material recorded by the band, both live and in the studio,
by way of special 'themed' programmes. The Grateful Dead Hour is
an enlightening meditation on a legendary body of work that will highlight significant topics within the band's development along with valuable insights into American musical history.

For more information about the Grateful Dead visit http://www.dead.net/

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Grateful Dead Hour 4th July 2011
This month's programme - 'Dead End II'
Grateful Dead Hour 7th April 2011
This month's programme - 'Dead End'
Grateful Dead Hour 4th Feb 2011
This month's programme - 'Unplayed Tunes'
Grateful Dead Hour 19th Dec 2010
This month's programme - 'Totally Acoustic'