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Sine FM are always the innovators when it comes to great ideas...

You might remember then that as well as our several recent international projects, we recently used media to celebrate the international influences in our area, with the 50 WORDS PROJECT, a first steps language tool which introduced the most commonly used words of the most widely spoken languages in Doncaster

We weren't out to produce a language course, just a simple, free, easy to use reference which people in the local area could enjoy using to try to communicate in each other's languages... and maybe even soften a few cultural barriers in the process...

Those of you lucky enough to pick up a free 50 WORDS disk from local outlets around Doncaster will have probably had a go already... (its great fun isnt it !)

However, those of you who missed out don't need to cry any longer, as the full project is now available to download right here free of charge in MP3 format, to your computer, mobile phone or music player...  We've also embedded text translations of the words in the audio files, so just turn on your SHOW LYRICS function for double the fun!

(To download files RIGHT CLICK on the links below and SAVE)

English to Polish

English to Kurdish

English to Urdu

English to Chinese Mandarin

English to Pilipino Tagalog

(copyright in these recordings owned by Higher Rhythm Ltd - commercial use forbidden)